Jazmine - Senior project managment and business development, Sabio
Marcela - Data Science, Udacity
Hang - Aspiring Cyber Defender, Year Up
Isaac - Aspiring Project Manager, Year Up
Michael - Helpdesk, The Stride Center
Abdullah - Fullstack Developer, Udacity
Leilani - Full stack extraordinaire, Udacity
Jazmine - Sernior project managment and business development, Sabio
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  • 1) Drive / Passion, 2) Intelligence and 3) Coachability. Our candidate from LaborX had all three in spades and we are excited to have her on the team.
  • Matt Terell
  • Hiring Manager
  • I really liked LaborX's process because it was easy for me to pick out the candidates based on their short profiles and video introduction.
  • Ellen White
  • People Ops Manager
  • I work with LaborX because I believe in extending career opportunities to untapped, high-value colleagues while improving the diversity and quality of contributions in our portfolio of new economy companies.
  • Kat Taylor
  • Co-CEO
  • The LaborX platform was user friendly, transparent, and depicted the candidate's spirit and personality incredibly well.
  • Daniela Castro
  • Hiring Manager

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