LaborX Joins Opportunity@Work

I started LaborX in 2015 with the goal of helping people without a four-year college degree get good jobs. At the time, I knew there were thousands of companies with millions of unfilled jobs – and millions of skilled unemployed and underemployed people. Yet, I also saw these two groups struggling to find each other due to friction caused by limited proxies such as degrees and networks. I built LaborX to reduce that friction, and in the past five years, I have successfully partnered with hiring managers at companies such as Airbnb, Facebook, and Honey to help them find and hire diverse and untapped skilled talent.

I am proud that during that time, LaborX empowered more than 3,000 jobseekers and 300 employers to think differently about hiring and to connect with each other. As I planned for our growth, working in partnership with other organizations was always part of our plan. Today, I am thrilled to announce that LaborX has joined Opportunity@Work to continue serving STARs, people who are Skilled Through Alternate Routes rather than a four-year degree.

Opportunity@Work has both awakened and accelerated the adoption of the STARs framework, one that allows the entire workforce ecosystem to focus on STARS as a way to make the present and future of work one that is diverse, equitable, and transformative. I first met Opportunity@Work Co-founder and CEO Byron Auguste early in my journey, and we have collaborated across these 5 years on a shared vision. I’m thrilled to join forces so that we can get there better and faster. Our combined technologies, thought leadership, teams, and service offerings will be a greater asset to our partners and the ecosystem at large.

The last five years was a labor of love for my family, my community, and the U.S. workforce because I firmly believe that people’s talents are best served in an inclusive, thriving economy. Our community of investors, advisors, customers, users, and partners helped LaborX get to where it is today. Thank you! I will work every day to keep delivering best-in-class solutions to help meet our country’s inclusive talent needs.

In the short term, LaborX will continue to work as usual so your service will not be interrupted. You can always contact us at with any questions. Over time, we will work to combine the power of LaborX with Opportunity at Work’s Stellarworx platform, dramatically accelerating our shared vision of connecting STARs to higher-wage jobs.

You can learn more in our announcement, and in an upcoming conversation with Byron, LaborX board member Jeff Livingston and myself that you will be invited to join (more to come on this soon!). Stay tuned for more as we seek to rewire the labor market to work with STARs, together.

Founder and CEO