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Support your local talent and training program ecosystem.


Take advantage of financial and other incentives to hire untapped talent

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Support your city to help make it a better place to live and work


Become a local inclusion leader

Testimonials from initiatives

Orrian Willis
Orrian Willis
Senior Workforce Development Specialist
On behalf of the TechSF team at San Francisco's Office of Economic and Workforce Development, we could not be more excited about our partnership with LaborX. The LaborX platform has allowed us to add a level of structure to our business service strategy that has really been a game changer for us. The partnership provided TechSF the ability to work in unison with all of our stakeholders and scale and track candidate, training partner, and employer success.
Dakota Ortiz
Dakota Ortiz
Program Lead
At the Annenberg Foundation we believe in providing opportunity and access to ALL Angelenos for good jobs in growing industries. Part of that is supporting the talent and training providers. Part of that is making it easy and effective for employers to find talent that is reflective of the county. Our partnership with LaborX allows us to do all of that, thoughtfully and with ease. We have candidates interviewing for positions, training programs able to provide their candidates more opportunities (volume and quality). And with with LaborX, there’s no longer an excuse for an employer to say they can’t tap into a diverse, qualified pipeline of talent.